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A Creative motivated by humans and futurist “…reality is perceived and perception can be mediated”

How does one’s perception define reality?

In order to understand what “Focus” is, we need to understand some principles on how human understands its surroundings. How has this person’s environment taught them to be who they are, and how do they understand the world around them?

Oxford defines Focus as:

the centre of interest or activity.

Focus = Environment + Cognitive Load

Environmental Psychology

I will oversimplify this, but environmental psychology is the study of how one’s environment defines a person. Imagine a child growing in a tribe in the Amazon versus one in Tokyo, the world has taught them completely different things on how it works. …

This is the final series of #4 🥳 here you will read the output of the previous guides I wrote about.

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In this final article i’ll introduce a summary and how you can get all these processes together into a solid and robust plan for your team.

There are 3 processes I mentioned in my articles, they do have some value on their own, but the most benefit is when you can do an oversight of the current aspirations, vision and motivation.

How do i see myself?

  1. Create a measurement factor of 5 levels with 3 milestones (Starter, Intermediate, Senior as examples)
  2. Conduct a workshop to define values of measurement, focus on process (Communication) and discipline (Copywriting) that reflects on both…

This is the 3rd series of #4 in this we will focus on emotional measurement, how am I perceived by my peers.

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These series are composed of 4 articles where this is the 3rd one, for reference you should take a read on the first one as it contains an introduction on why it’s important and how the theory is structured, and how to help plan a career path and create a subjective awareness.

The second article sums up objective measurement, and how projects and goals are achieved and help to validate personal assumptions.

Emotional measurement is to understand if one’s for example values are aligned to the company. …

#2 of #4 Objective evaluation, how can you help your team to have an objective understanding of their growth?

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This is the second article about creating team growth, how to understand and enable possibilities, to further help career growth.

I strongly advise you to read my first post in this subject, 1# of 4# — Subjective awareness and framing at some point so that you have a better understanding of the whole system.

Objective measurement

Objective measurement is an evaluation that has a clear result and unaffected by personal meanings or bias. Its result is based on something that has been clearly measured, such as the number of students that passed a class when compared with attendance, or how many users…

Welcome to #1 of 4# — Subjective awareness and framing, in these series I want to be able to provide some insight on how you can frame your team and set it up for personal and collaborative growth.

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There are numerous articles online about, how and what one should think of when creating either career growth plans, or project feedback processes and similar, and what is important to know from those articles just as this one, is that you should not follow it blindly, but you should try to understand the reasoning for it and see it from a critical perspective so that you can evaluate its “frame” and imagine if it is appropriate to be adjusted to fit your team. Each company and then each team has it’s own focus points, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

Why do this?

Marius Mathiesen besøkte podcasten og i denne episode snakket vi om produkt utvikling, vi snakket om hans synspunkt og opplevelser rundt det.

So this is not the sort article that has a cheat code to be able to deliver an app in 6 weeks, but we did conceptualize, build and deploy an app in 6 weeks, and this article will be about the process I went through, and how we tackled it, and eventual issues during the project, and hopefully, there are some gold nuggets that can help you in your own process.

A product owner
A project manager
2 developers
1 designer

The client wanted to create an insurance product made exclusively for students, which should be able to activate on-demand…

Things change, I once used Photoshop now I use Sketch for this task, will this change for 2018?

If so what would that be?

I won’t use much time introducing the software as I believe most of you know these from before, but I will list them, and base the content from discussions online from other designers.

So I believe that in life, at least for now we are all in for automatization

Anything that could make our life easier is quickly adopted. And I can say since I’ve adopted sketch app as my go-to tool for UI work my production as increased, the app itself saved me a lot of time, but what saved me, even more, are the plugins I use.

So here is a list of my sketch plugin list and why I use it.


Choosing colors is not always easy.

So… Design methodology has gotten some traction in the current generation, maybe its been caused by Apple, maybe it has been invited by the hipster’s movement, why I’m not sure but I am happy it has become that way, but with that increasing popularity and an extra effort in trying to categorize everything so that it’s more recognizable in conversations.

Within those conversations, people have grown affectionate to utilize these terms without fully knowing it’s meaning.

“User experience” encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

In some conversations people believe that User…

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